Belgian post-punk trio Animal Youth have unleashed an audio stream of their new single “Darkest Days”. Take in the stream below courtesy of Punktastic. Vocalist and guitarist Guy Tournay said of the song:

‘Darkest Place’ is a bit of an aural taste of death and rebirth within the field of love. It explores a primal pact of careless lovers who are quick to fall into the ruin of a relationship—the place where everything comes to end and dies. In the shadowy spiral, new things are borne of death and spring up from the darkest place.”

The song is the opening number off the group’s upcoming debut, titled Animal. The record is slated for release on May 27th through Weyrd Son Records. Pre-orders are available now via the label’s Bandcamp. Listen to previous single, “Rainy Day”, below as well.

Animal track listing:

1. “Darkest Place”
2. “Rainy Day”
3. “Eat You Alive”
4. “Feeling”
5. “Love You (When You’re Dead)”
6. “To Burn Is The Next Big Thing”
7. “Sunday”
8. “In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator)”
9. “You Don’t Know Love”

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