Anata’s debut full-length The Infernal Depths Of Hatred available on vinyl for the first time this October via KaosKvlt

Official press release:

Kaotoxin is proud to announce the second release by KaosKvlt, its new sub-label dedicated to old-school Metal gems: Anata‘s 1998 debut full-length, The Infernal Depths of Hatred, which will be unleashed on October 21st worldwide, for the first time ever on vinyl!

Released in 1998 through then recently launched French label Season of Mist, The Infernal Depths of Hatred took the unsuspecting Death Metal scene by storm combining a sped up version of the trademark melodic, catchy and uptempo Gothenburg “New Wave of Swedish Death Metal” sound (At The Gates, Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity) with faster, relentless, heavy parts influenced by the rawer, darker and heavier typical US Death Metal of that time (Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse).

Specially remastered for analog physical supports at the Conkrete Studio (Loudblast remasters, Gorod, Otargos) and coming with a bonus Morbid Angel cover version (“Day of Suffering”) taken from Anata’s 1999 War, vol.II split with Bethsaida, the brand new 2016 version of the album’s collector first press will be limited to 300 hand-numbered copies and come as a yellow and black marbled 12″ vinyl LP.

The Infernal Depths Of Hatred track listing:

1. “Released When You Are Dead”
2. “Let The Heavens Hate”
3. “Under Azure Skies”
4. “Vast Lands/Infernal Gates”
5. “Slain Upon His Altar”
6. “Those Who Lick The Wounds Of Christ”
7. “Dethrone The Hypocrites”
8. “Aim Not At The Kingdom High”
9. “Day Of Suffering”
(Morbid Angel cover)

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