Anagnorisis announce fall Midwest tour dates and impending lineup shift

Official press release:

Louisville orchestral black metal outfit Anagnorisis announces a new run of live shows for the fall season, as well as an upcoming lineup shift in the band.

Anagnorisis will take part in Louisville Deathfest on September 29th, joining the likes of Brutality, Dehumanized, Morbid Saint, Morta Skuld, Pyrrhon, Arkaik, and many others. This show will see the band performing their latest LP, Peripeteia, in its entirety for the first time. A month later, Anagnorisis will embark on a newly-booked Midwestern tour, which will see them out from October 26th through October 29th, with the final show taking place in their hometown of Louisville.

Anagnorisisalso announces that these shows will mark the final shows for keyboard player Samuel Hartman, who will be leaving the band at the end of the year.

Issues Hartman:

“After ten years, ‘it’s time to snuff this torch of yours,’ to borrow a phrase from my dear friend and vocalist Zachary Kerr. It is true, I am leaving Anagnorisis. Three albums and two EPs later, I am moving on. Being in this band has irrevocably changed me-it has allowed me to see both the vast wealth of human compassion and spirit that exists within us and complete strangers; and reinforced my belief in the deceit and malignancy of a few. Fortunately, the good has outweighed the bad when I reflect on a decade of long drives, blastbeats, late night practices, passionate fans, black t-shirts, and every mechanical issue a van could possibly face. It has been worth it: to release the art we labored over, to tour the country, to meet fans who memorized all our lyrics, and to headbang, sweat, and shred night after night with my best friends. I could not have done this journey with Zachary, Zak, and Josh, who, especially in the last few years, have held up the mantle of Anagnorisis with me. Many others (so many!) have helped us along the way, and their role is clear in my mind, from 2003 on. The vessel of Anagnorisis now sails on, one oar left unmanned, but not without direction. ‘Energy returns to the universe: forever night.'”

The rest of Anagnorisis issues in a collective statement:

“Another era of Anagnorisis is coming to an end. Projects such as ours ebb and flow, musicians come and go, new material develops while old material is left behind. Though we have had a hearty share of members throughout the years, Sam has always been at the core of the band and our best friend. His passion, ethic, imagination, and fervent drive have inspired us as musicians and individuals to push harder, go further, think deeper, and care more. Sam’s contributions to Anagnorisis are beyond measure and without him, we certainly wouldn’t be where or what we are today. On October 29th, we will perform our last show with Sam. Appropriately, it will be in our hometown Louisville, Kentucky, where this all started many years ago. Many shows are special for reasons regarding the performance, merch, band lineup, venue, and more. This show is important for more personal, more human reasons. Our brother is moving on. We want to celebrate his departure reflecting upon the amazing times we’ve shared together as band mates, friends, and fans. We invite you to join us to share a few more moments together. With love, we bid Sam farewell as our tears wet the desk preparing ink and quill for a new chapter. Anagnorisis continues…’this final moment too shall pass’.”

Tour dates:

9/29 – Louisville, KY | Union Station Music Hall
10/26 – Detroit, MI | New Dodge Lounge
10/27 – TBA
10/28 – Indianapolis, IN | Black Circle Brewing
10/29 – Louisville, KY | Zanzabar