Band: Amon Amarth
Song: “Find a Way or Make One”
Director: Mikis Fontagnier
Album: The Great Heathen Army
Release Date: August 5th, 2022
Label: Metal Blade Records

Speaking on the album’s release, the band said:

“Heathens! The time is here for the arrival of The Great Heathen Army! This record has many elements that make up Amon Amarth in 2022, from the dark and brutal death metal of ‘Oden Owns You All’ to the sing-along of ‘Heidrun’ to Biff Byford’s amazing guest vocals on ‘Saxons and Vikings’ and much more. We’re ready to take this record around the world for a two year raid and we’ll see you soon at the shows.”

On the new video, they offered:

“We did this video with director Mikis Fontagnier in Frankfurt, Germany and with it we wanted to try something different. This video is our take on the style of some of our favorite videos we grew up on as kids, like Twisted Sister’s ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ and Motorhead’s ‘Killed By Death’. We had some fun making this and it was definitely fun to smash up a stale old business office!”


The Great Heathen Army track listing:

  1. “Get in the Ring”
  2. “The Great Heathen Army”
  3. “Heidrun”
  4. “Oden Owns You All”
  5. “Find a Way or Make One”
  6. “Dawn of Norsemen”
  7. “Saxons and Vikings” feat. Biff Byford (Saxon)
  8. “Skagul Rides with Me”
  9. “The Serpent’s Trail”
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