Indie duo Alien Flight Plan recently issued a music video for their new single “Flightplan”. Frontwoman Monique Ortiz said of the song:

‘Flightplan’ is really about how much of my creative life has been a very steep uphill climb. In many ways it’s my ‘fuck you’ to everyone who has written me off, been dismissive of me and my work, and for all those who have and continue to ignore me altogether (‘too bad you’re late to the party’). Since childhood I’ve always been kind of an outsider, never really fitting in, never quite cool enough, never invited to the parties. I was the one girl who worked at the rock club and could never get a gig there, while all my shoe gaze, noise band coworkers gigged regularly. That sort of thing. I was always a bit awkward and nerdy. At some point in my teens I just kinda said ‘screw it. I’ll just do what I want to do, and if no one ever gets it, fine because I don’t need anyone’s approval.’ It’s probably the closest thing I’ve come to writing about female empowerment. Now I’ve taken flight, and I’m leaving all the naysayers behind.”

The group are currently on tour with Scott H. Biram and Jesse Dayton, dates follow the video stream.

4/04 – Santa Cruz, CA | Catalyst
4/05 – San Francisco, CA | Bottom Of The Hill
4/06 – Long Beach, CA | Alex’s Bar
4/07 – Pioneertown, CA | Pappy & Harriet’s
4/08 – Phoenix, AR | Rhythm Room
4/13 – Dallas, TX | Three Links
4/14 – Austin, TX | Antone’s
4/15 – Houston, TX | Continental Club (with Sam Pace, and Hilary York)

[via Paste Magazine]