Band: Secrets
Album: The Collapse
Release Date: June 10th, 2022
Label: Velocity Records

The group said of the effort:

The Collapse is our 5th LP and was written in two parts, pre-pandemic and during the pandemic. The album covers topics of anxiety, depression, addiction, loss and hope. We wrote this album in one of the most confusing times we’ve ever experienced, but we believe that the best art comes from times of struggle and this collection of songs proves that. You can expect aggressive in your face breakdowns, soaring choruses, and lyrics straight from the heart. We want people to walk away from listening to this album a little shaken up, but ultimately left with a sense of hope that they’re not alone in their struggle.” 


The Collapse track listing:

  1. “The Collapse”
  2. “Get Outta My Head”
  3. “Falling Out”
  4. “Parasite”
  5. “Bad Decisions”
  6. “The Drift”
  7. “Lost”
  8. “Glory”
  9. “Delinquent”
  10. “Fraud”
  11. “The Let Down”
  12. “Fade Away”