Album stream: Lakes – Start Again

Band: Lakes
Album: Start Again
Release Date: July 30th, 2021
Label: Know Hope Records

Vocalist/guitarist Roberto Cappellina shares:

“This batch of songs has been a vehicle for healing for all six of us in some way, so there are a lot of different, but raw themes throughout the record. Even though we’re currently all isolated from each other, the one person you can’t escape is yourself. We’ve been to some dark places between us, but ultimately, Start Again is about coming out the other side. This record is about facing that darkness, owning it and letting go of the past. It’s about being at peace with it and moving forward and saying that it’s actually OK to start again.”


Start Again track listing:

  1. “Blind”
  2. “No Excuses”
  3. “Matches”
  4. “Windermere”
  5. “Mirrors”
  6. “Peace”
  7. “Start Again”
  8. “Talk!”
  9. “Get Better”
  10. “Taupo”
  11. “Retrograde”
  12. “Animals”