Band: King Dude
Album: Music To Make War To
Release Date: August 24th, 2018
Label: Ván Records

Mastermind TJ Cowhill said of the album’s inspiration:

“War comes from within and without. War can be between two different families as well as within the very same family, those who are not only bonded by blood but also by surname, by legacy. War can happen between people whom love one another but are conflicted by their desire to destroy one another. Love doesn’t always die when war is born. In many ways the act of war creates the opportunity for great acts of courage, moments of compassion, times of reason, thoughts of regret and a deeper understanding of love.”


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  • Music To Make War To track listing:

    1. “Time To Go To War”
    2. “Velvet Rope”
    3. “Good & Bad”
    (feat. Josephine Olivia)
    4. “I Don’t Write Love Songs Anymore”
    5. “Dead Before the Chorus”
    6. “Twin Brother of Jesus”
    7. “In The Garden”
    8. “The Castle”
    9. “Let It Burn”
    10. “God Like Me”

    [via Talkhouse]

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