Band: Echos
Album: Affirmations
Release Date: July 15th, 2022
Label: Seeking Blue Records

Echos mastermind Lexi Norton said of the album:

“Making Affirmations felt like holding a mirror up to all of the darkest parts of myself and learning how to shine a new light on them through the eyes of my younger self. 

I am so excited for this body of work to finally belong to all of you and I hope it helps heal you in whatever ways feel most aligned to you at this moment in time. My greatest wish with my music is to provide a space where we can talk about hard things and move through them together. You’re not alone, you matter. Thank you for being here x” 


Affirmations track listing:

  1. “New Eyes”
  2. “Mad”
  3. “King of Disappointment”
  4. “Shiver”
  5. “Crazy”
  6. “Thirty Seconds”
  7. “Mourning”
  8. “Let Me Leave”
  9. “Sad”
  10. “Sick”
  11. “The Way You See Things”
  12. “NaNaNa”
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