Album stream: Coldfront – Float Around

Band: Coldfront
Album: Float Around
Release Date: October 6th, 2017
Label: Equal Vision Records

The band comments:

“Lyrically, Float Around is a breakup album about that not-so-special someone who still takes up more of your mind than you’d like to admit. You know, that thorn stuck in your side that dug a bit too deep. Through listening, we hope you can find the comfort you need to know that it will be alright and things will get better. Musically, Float Around is a straight up pop punk party and we just want you to get up and dance!”


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  • Float Around track listing:

    1. “So Typical”
    2. “Natalie”
    3. “Everything You Want Me To Be”
    4. “It’s Hit Me”
    5. “Shut Eyes”
    6. “Slip”
    7. “Float Around”
    8. “Spit Me Out”
    9. “Blame Me”
    10. “Paulie”

    [via Rock Sound]