Band: Bleach Everything
Album: So We Gnaw
Release dates: July 12th, 2019
Label: Dark Operative Records

Streaming exclusively via New Noise Magazine.

With the record’s release, the group states:

“We’re excited as all hell to be releasing this LP out into the world this week. The sound encapsulates a period in our lives where dramatic, often jarring changes were happening in both our personal lives and externally to others to a level where the only thing that made sense was to immerse ourselves in some of the most violent-sounding music any of us have ever made collectively and individually. In doing so, we tapped into a deeper layer of the sonic and interpersonal dynamics that brought us together in the first place. It opened up a portal to a much deeper creative realm that we’re just now getting started in exploring. 

The title So We Gnaw comes from both a philosophic creative perspective and a raw, ‘just go on living’ perspective. We learned a lot about the indifference of the universe and the horrors of life therein during this one (to put it mildly). The only way out of the various metaphorical lashes was to simply gnaw at them. And then gnaw at the ever-mounting lashes after them… This record is for anyone out there who’s ever been overwhelmed and beaten down, but knows the only way up is to push the boot aside and start hitting back and chewing at the forces pressing down upon all of us at various points in life. 

‘Why be here? Where is light? Don’t give in or lose the will to fight.'”


So We Gnaw track listing:

  1. “Shears”
  2. “Nazi Punch, Fuck Yes”
  3. “Relics”
  4. “Dead Winds”
  5. “Soft Bigotry”
  6. “So We Gnaw”
  7. “Dumb & Dug In”