Album stream: Abandoned By Bears – Headstorm

Band: Abandoned By Bears
Album: Headstorm
Release Date: August 24th, 2018
Label: Victory Records

Bassist Gustav Eriksson exclaims:

“We are very honored to be sharing this album with you all today. Headstorm was a labor of love for the last year and a half, so give it a spin and check out the new tracks live on the Headstorm Tour which starts this Friday!”


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  • Headstorm track listing:

    1. “So Far Gone”
    2. “Headstorm”
    3. “Strangers”
    4. “Borderline”
    5. “Blurry Vision”
    6. “Stepping Stones”
    7. “Fervor”
    8. “Drowned Out”
    9. “Outrun Reality”
    10. “Held Against You”
    11. “Greyscale”

    [via Rock Sound]