Kansas tech-death outfit Ahtme – formerly known as The Roman Holiday – have a new music video out for their track “The Sentinel’s Order”; check it out above courtesy of No Clean Singing. The band comments:

‘The Sentinel’s Order’ is one of the first songs we wrote as a band and it does a great job of encompassing what this project is about. It’s fast, aggressive and violent. We really wanted to focus on the intensity that attracted us all to this genre of music in the first place. It’s a song about doing what we as humans were created to do, indulging in carnal desires and paying no heed to what the constructs of modern morality deem socially acceptable (to an extent). This is a song about really reverting to your animal instincts and I think even without the lyrics, the music itself paints a picture along those lines. Though this song is one of our favorites, it came about very early in the writing process. We are proud of how it came together, having said that, the rest of the album only gets better and we are beyond stoked to have an official reissue coming out and finally get it out to people who would never have had a chance to hear it otherwise.”

The song is off the band’s 2013 full-length The Demonization, which will be reissued through the band’s new label home at Unique Leader Records. Pre-order bundles are now live and can be picked up at this location.

The Demonization track listing:

1. “A New Fire”
2. “James’ Penis (Lyseria)”
3. “Trainwreck”
4. “The Sentinel’s Order”
5. “The Demonization”
6. “Defeat Zeke”
7. “Synaptic Disconnection”
8. “Ream Dream”
9. “Humanity Laid To Rest”
10. “Blood Turned To Saline”

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