Official press release:

The incredible German metal lady Miss ScarRed completes the new Aeternitas lineup.

With her amazing rock voice and her astonishing stage performances Aeternitas are very well prepared for the post-pandemic gigs-to-come and future album productions.

Aeternitas issued the following statement:

“We’re delighted and also very proud to announce Miss ScarRed as our new female singer. We believe that her strong voice – in combination with Alex – will take us to a new level of powerful voices in Symphonic Metal.”

Aeternitas are preparing a Facebook Q&A live session on Saturday 24th July 2021 to introduce Miss ScarRed officially to the fans. Additionally, this live stream shall also feature Alex and Miss ScarRed, performing acoustic versions from a selection of Aeternitas songs. Finally, Aeternitas can also share that a brand-new song is in preparation! This new single “Shadows” will be released in Autumn 2021, with an extraordinary vocal performance from Miss ScarRed.

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