Abominant are streaming their new record Napalm Reign in its entirety. Bassist Mike May said of it:

Abominant is super excited about the release of our eleventh studio album. We think it’s our most destructive and infernal release to date and we hope it brings anyone who hears it the urge to drink a few beers and bang your head extra fast while you play it at full volume, the way it was meant to be heard. Metal Above All!”

The album was released today through Deathgasm Records. Copies can be purchased on CD and digital formats here.

Napalm Reign

1. “No Peace”
2. “Reborn Through Bloodshed”
3. “Iron Clad”
4. “Hordes Of Desolation”
5. “Burning Hemispheres”
6. “The Watchers”
7. “Truth Beyond Belief”
8. “As Evil Rears Its Head”
9. “The Villains Veil”
10. “Out Of The Shadows”
11. “Scream In The Night”

Abominant 1

[via New Noise Magazine]

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