The first taste of Abhorrent Decimation‘s new record The Pardoner has premiered with the music video for the song “Conspire”. Vocalist Ashley Scott said of the song and video:

“We collaborated with Scott Canty at Dark North Media for this video. Mainly, we wanted something super sleek and simplistic for the first single with a subtle, conceptual gesture built in. I didn’t want an over-complicated narrative for people to have to follow and we felt Scott‘s style lent itself to what we had in mind. The subtle conceptual gesture is the explosions of gold near the end of the video. It’s quite unique as I can’t think of many/any death metal bands that have incorporated the use of gold confetti cannons on a video shoot.

We always had ‘Conspire’ earmarked as the first single. Conceptually, this track is a real turning point in the records narrative. The characters in our story have happened upon a wealth of gold and their love for money and greed truly sets in. They all begin to plot (conspire) against one another in a tremendously dark way. In a sonic sense, this song displays a lot of the melodic elements we have brought to the table this time around.

The album has a lot of heavy moments to offer still, ‘Conspire’ included but we have also established a more mature sound in this record. Exploring a deeper musicality to what we are creating. I think people are going to be a little shocked but equally love what we have done here.”

The Pardoner is scheduled for release on July 28th through Prosthetic Records. Click here for links to pre-orders.

[via Metal Hammer]

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