Death Angel have released a trailer for their upcoming DVD/CD A Thrashumentary. The DVD of the set documents the band’s 30+ year career and the CD, titled The Bay Calls For Blood – Live In San Francisco, captures a hometown performance. The effort is scheduled for release on July 24th through Nuclear Blast and can be pre-ordered here (U.S.) and (EU).

The band will be entering the studio later this year to begin tracking their new album for Nuclear Blast.

A Thrashumentary DVD chapter list:

1. “Start”
2. “We Grew Up In The Bay Area Thrash Scene”
3. “The Original Lineup Of Death Angel”
4. “Kill As One”
5. “The Ultra Violence”
6. “Frolic In The Park”
7. “Act III”
8. “The Accident”
9. “The O”
10. “Swarm”
11. “Thrash Of The Titans”
12. “I Like Everything About Ted”
13. “The Art Of Dying”
14. “Killing Season”
15. “Relentless Revolution”
16. “I’m Looking For Will Carroll”
17. “And Then Damien Came In”
18. “Relentless Retribution”
19. “Impressions Of Suecof”
20. “Relentless Touring”
21. “Thrashers”
22. “Death Angel Is”
23. “The Last Song Of The Evening”
24. “Credits”


25. “Mistress Of Pain Live”

The Bay Calls For Blood live album/individual LP track listing:

1. “Left For Dead”
2. “Fallen”
3. “Buried Alive”
4. “The Dream Calls For Blood”
5. “Execution/Don’t Save Me”
6. “Truce”
7. “Detonate”
8. “Bored”
9. “Caster Of Shame”
10. “Territorial Instinct/Bloodlust”

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