A Light Divided share first track-by-track video for new album Choose Your Own Adventure

Photo by: Rei Haycraft

Pop-metal quintet A Light Divided have released the first in a track-by-track video series that finds the band discussing the songs off their upcoming full-length Choose Your Own Adventure. This clip focuses on, and includes snippets of, the first four songs off the record: “Make Your Luck”, “Fear of Heights”, “Remedy”, “Another Bar Fight in Brooklyn”.

Choose Your Own Adventure will be released independently on October 5th. Pre-orders are available now on physical and digital formats. Late last month, A Light Divided released a music video for the song “Fear Of Heights”. It was filmed and directed by Justin Reich of Antimatter Studios, check it out below.

Choose Your Own Adventure track listing:

1. “Make Your Luck”
2. “Fear of Heights”
3. “Remedy”
4. “Another Bar Fight In Brooklyn”
5. “Life Lessons”
6 “The War We Watched”
7. “Scars of You”
8. “Finding Center”
9. “Sink Into Nothing”
10. “Plastic Crowns”
11. “Counting To Sober”
12. “Armor and War Paint”