3Teeth drop new track “Paralyze” feat. Ho99o9

Band: 3Teeth
Song: “Paralyze” feat. Ho99o9
Director: Michael Mendoza
Album: “Paralyze” – single
Release Date: August 6th, 2021
Label: Century Media Records

3Teeth frontmant Alexis Mincolla says:

“Everyone seems to be heading into a visionless future and unable to do anything about it. The paralysis seems to be contagious as we all know things have to change, but it seems easier to imagine the end of the world than it does actual change at this point. The media-induced tribalism keeps us in a gridlocked state of cultural schizophrenia as we continue to be trapped in the shadow of our progress. This song was aiming to reflect the frustrations and the horror that we all experience in our current state of waking sleep paralysis these days.”

3Teeth are working on their fourth studio album with sound designer Mick Gordon. On working with the band and the forthcoming album, Gordon offers:

3Teeth are one of my favorite acts. They proudly fly their own unique flag. The new album charts course through the next stage of our vanity-led evolution as a species, and by that I mean the album is a world unto itself. I’m just stoked that these guys have allowed me along for the ride.”