Band: 156/Silence
Song: “To Take Your Place”
Album: Narrative
Release Date: September 2nd, 2022
Label: SharpTone Records

Guitarist Jimmy Howell said of the new song:

“We experimented with synths for the first time on Irrational Pull and went a little bit further on the EP but on Narrative we really dove straight in. ‘To Take Your Place’ is the most synth heavy song on the record and it was fun to write something a little different. We all love the sounds of analogue synths so we decided to write something where those really took center stage.”

Frontman Jack Murray adds, speaking on the lyrical content:

“Dependencies come in many forms. People and poison can be a deadly mixture. It’s often hard to address the fact that habitual behavior can be the hardest thing to replace. Old habits die hard.” 


Narrative track listing:

  1. “A Past Embrace”
  2. “The Rodents Race”
  3. “Another Loss”
  4. “For All To Blame”
  5. “I Am A Fault”
  6. “To Take Your Place”
  7. “If Pleasure’s Gone”
  8. “Stay Away”
  9. “Tell The Reason”
  10. “Say The Phrase”
  11. “Live To See A Darker Day”

156/Silence is:

Jack Murray – Vocals
Jimmy Howell – Guitar
Ryan Wilkinson – Guitar / Vocals
Kyle O’Connell – Drums
Lukas Booker – Bass