Band: Young Culture
Song: “Hum”
Director: Benjamin Lieber
Album: “Hum” – single
Release Date: June 18th, 2021
Label: Equal Vision Records

The group said in a collective satatement:

’Hum’ was one of the first songs we wrote following our first full-length. Going into the studio to record it felt so natural, and it really just worked itself out.

This song paints such a vivid picture of joy, so when we went to make a video, we knew we wanted to collaborate with Ben & Miguel. They brought Matt onto the team, and the rest of the video process was just as easy as creating the song in the studio. They helped us bring our vision to life in the best way possible.”

Director Benjamin Lieber shares:

“Miguel & I had this wild concoction of colors & greenery in our heads; we wanted the video to feel like a visual representation of the way a feel-good song like this brings your emotions, your energy, your vibe up and into the clouds.

There’s a really beautiful connection between Troy, Alex and Gabe, which only fueled this idea more. Matt really brought our wild ideas to larger-than-life scale; an incredible team effort by everyone involved.”

Video animator Matt West adds:

 “This was a full team effort. Ben, Matt and I worked from 3 different time zones. PST/EST/BST. Matt would finish his day first, then I would be tagged in for an editing pass after Ben calls it a night. Hum is such a great song to pair this crazy creative to.”


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