Vomit Remnants announce new album Hyper Groove Brutality, stream new song “Wire Rope Strangle”

Official press release:

Long-running Japanese brutal death metal faction Vomit Remnants will unleash a new full-length next month via Unique Leader Records. Fittingly titled Hyper Groove Brutality, the band’s first studio output in twelve years was produced by Darren Cesca (Arsis, Vile, Goratory) of House Of Grind Studios and features guest appearances from vocalist Henrik Cranz of Soils Of Fate, guitarist Craig Peters of Deeds Of Flesh and Destroying The Devoid, and guitarist Paul Masvidal of Cynic/ex-Death.

Hyper Groove Brutality will see release on April 21st, 2017 worldwide via Unique Leader and comes wrapped in artwork by Phlegeton of Phlegeton Art Studio (Braincasket, Korpse, Whoretopsy etc.) with pre-order bundles to be announced soon.

In the meantime, check out “Wire Rope Strangle” at the Unique Leader Bandcamp page at this location:

Hyper Groove Brutality track listing:

1. “Burning All Inside”
2. “Hi-Fi The Art Of Rapture”
3. “Die Fast And Blasting”
4. “Extinction Of Worthless Humanity”
5. “Inflicted Artificial Intelligence”
6. “Wire Rope Strangle”
7. “Despairing The Atmosphere”
8. “Supreme Indeterminate Power”

Recording Lineup:

Dima Orlov – vocals
Kei Ishida – guitar, bass
Keisuke Tsuboi – drums

Touring Lineup:

Toshiyasu Kusyanagi – vocals
Kei Ishida – guitar
Shinichiro Go – bass, vocals
Keisuke Tsuboi – drums