Vice 1

New York hardcore outfit Vice has announced that all dates, save for two appearances that the band have booked on July 14th and July 21st, have been cancelled. The band issued the following statement:

This band started in 2010 with 4 best friends in high school who just wanted to play hardcore because Staten Island had no hardcore bands. In 2012 we decided it would be cool to try out touring and now we’re in 2015 and haven’t done anything else but tour non stop and we’re grateful we have been able to do this. Unfortunately, as of now the band is not able to do what we’ve been doing these past 3 years. And this comes with no pleasure to announce but as for the time being, we need to cancel all of the shows that are booked. Due to member changes, and transportation issues we will only be playing 2 Brooklyn shows we have booked on July 14th with Knocked Loose and Ghost Ship at the Place and July 21 with Harms Way at the Knitting Factory. This isn’t something easy for us to do and is definitely the last thing we wanted but at this time we really don’t have any other choices. This band has always been a band for the underdogs, for the people who believe that hardcore is about standing up for what you believe no matter how outcasted you may feel in a community that preaches unity. About a strong DIY ethic and mindset. We will always love hardcore music and we aren’t going anywhere, we’re just chillin for a bit. We apologize to all the promoters and bands, like we said this really brings us no pleasure. This is the biggest bummer in the world. We have other bands that you should check out as well, like Impact and Nerves End who will be playing some shows. Our new record will be going up online, so you can order physical copies later this week. Thank you for all the support. We aren’t close to being done yet. We’ll see you soon.