Photo by: Cody Stein

Official press release:

On their debut album Oakland, CA’s Vale channel visions of a grim future in which the world is barren and destroyed, where agents of opportunity consume everything they can get their hands on. Titled Burden Of Sight, the album can be seen as an expression of outrage felt at the pervasive exploitation and avarice that has taken root in the band’s own backyard. From rampant homelessness to the overindulgences of the upper class, it’s all too easy to imagine the harsh reality of decomposing landscapes fraught with cannibalism and religious zealotry that Vale depicts across six tracks of roaring, death-infused black metal. Listen to the album’s pummeling first single, “Final Flesh”, now via Revolver Magazine.

Vale explains:

Burden Of Sight tells a story of the eminent end from the eyes of a survivor of a world undone. ‘Final Flesh’ was the last song written, but it was chosen as the opening track/first single because we feel it best sets the overall tone of the record.

We are excited about our new home at The Flenser, they’ve truly helped us realize our vision for Burden Of Sight. And recording with Greg Wilkinson is always an honor. He is aligned with the way we do things and little effort to explain ourselves to him was necessary. Due to our personal histories, he was an unrivaled co-conspirator for this record.”

Vale formed in late 2015 and shares members with bands such as Ulthar, Void Omnia and Abstracter. After recording a demo in 2017, the quintet hit the road twice as they worked on the material that would make up their first full-length.  Burden of Sight was recorded by Greg Wilkinson in Jan 2019 at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA and is due out May 24th via The Flenser.  Pre-orders are available here and more news will surface soon. 

Burden Of Sight track listing:

  1. ” Final Flesh”
  2. “Guilt Among the Dead”
  3. “The Guilded Path”
  4. “Starvation Eternal”
  5. “Beyond the Pale”
  6. “Grief Undone”

Vale is:

Kate Coysh – vocals
James Meyer – guitar
Daniel Borman – guitar
Thaddaeus Perkins – bass
Justin Ennis – drums & electronics