Above is a clip that Chino Moreno posted earlier this year teasing new Team Sleep material. In a recent interview with Pledge Music, guitarist Tom Wilkinson commented on the band’s return, first speaking of the new album and the addition of drummer Gil Sharone:

Chuck and I have been writing and playing together for a couple years at his house in Laurel Canyon. Chino has been a part of it. So has our friend Gil Sharone. We actually performed at a trade show thing. It was Chuck, Chino, Gil and me. And Chino’s son Kobe played keys. I love that kid. At some point, Crook sent us a few beats and we all got super excited. We were going to call it something else, but then it just seemed natural to call it Team Sleep.

I hadn’t seen Zach for a long time, but when the opportunity came to do the Woodstock Session, he was just moving back to Sacramento. He was staying with a friend across the street from me and we kept running into each other. He said he wanted to play; the songs with Crook and Chuck were coming together and it all just seemed like the right time.

I guess the story is that we are super excited to be in the same room together. I love all of these dudes, and it’s a cool way to bring TS back. We still have a ton of stuff with Gil and more on deck with Crook. We’re planning a lot of different things with rotating line-ups, but I’m very glad to bring it back with the original guys.”

Pre-orders for the record are available at Pledge Music.