Rivers of Nihil release video for new track “Focus”

Band: Rivers of Nihil
Song: “Focus”
Director: David Brodsky
Album: The Work
Release Date: September 24th, 2021
Label: Metal Blade Records

Guitarist/keyboardist Brody Uttley said of the single:

“For the ‘Focus‘ video, we once again recruited Mr. David BrodskyAllie Woest and the team at MyGoodEye. This video tells the story of an individual in a fractured state of mind confronting the darkest parts of his inner self and battling with a physical manifestation of his deepest fears and concerns; the worst parts of himself.

This manifestation represents the presence in all of our heads that tries to pull us down into the throes of self-destructive behavior and patterns of thinking. The creature that he is interacting with becomes more apparent as the video progresses (with the main character slipping deeper into psychosis) until the end when he loses his battle and is plunged down into the blackness once and for all; existing permanently in the prison that his delusions have constructed for him…Perhaps finally at peace, or just as likely: never again at peace.”