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If you’ve been following the press for Fuck The Facts upcoming new album Desire Will Rot then you’ve no doubt already heard several of the tracks from it. If you’ve liked what you heard then you should pick up the effort when it drops next week on Noise Salvation. The album has plenty of fast and heavy tracks that are sure to get the crowd moving when performed live but it also has a few surprises in the form of leads and dark melodic passages. Though brief and scattered, these pieces show that Fuck The Facts aren’t just another grind outfit looking to pummel you into oblivion. There is a method to their madness, which has resulted in a record that I think will satisfy fans looking for something extra to take in with their dose of brutality.

As crushing as it is, Desire Will Rot is not a perfect record. It can be a bit repetitive and certain parts feel a bit rushed, while others linger longer than necessary. That’s the nature of the beast in most cases, some stuff works, other stuff doesn’t. The final two tracks – “Circle” and “Nothing Changes” – are not bad track but their placement on the track listing seems a little off to me. There was just something anti-climactic about closing the album with them. Maybe I just need to give it a few more spins to really get why they are there, but at the time of this writing there is something left to be desired.

Overall, Desire Will Rot is a solid album with plenty to offer. It packs a pretty hefty punch, with a number of curve ball moments that I really didn’t expect – more of which is certainly welcome. Even if you’re not thinking about purchasing it, I recommend a listen if/when a full-stream becomes available. Given what the record has in store, it may just change your mind.

Choice tracks: “The Path Of Most Resistance”, “La Mort I”, “Prey”


Desire Will Rot arrives next week on August 25 through Noise Salvation. Digital pre-orders are available on Bandcamp. CD, LP, and cassette versions can be secured at fuckthefacts.com.

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