Band: Psycroptic
Album: Divine Council
Release Date: August 5th, 2022
Label: Prosthetic Records

Bassist Todd Stern said of the new effort:

Divine Council is an extremely proud moment for Psycroptic. I believe that it accurately represents the intensity and maturation of the band. We always seem to evolve in a healthy way, and this record is a testament to that evolution. There is an art to picking up where you left off, maintaining the specific flavour that has built up such a strong, loyal, & long-lasting rapport with the fans; yet still managing to successfully level up the quality of songwriting while also taking risks.

The making of this record has been deeply fulfilling for us. We hope you enjoy jamming on it as much as we enjoyed creating it in the first place. LET IT RIP.”


Divine Council track listing:

  1. “Rend Asunder”
  2. “A Fool’s Errand”
  3. “This Shadowed World”
  4. “Enslavement”
  5. “Ashes of Our Empire”
  6. “The Prophet’s Council”
  7. “Awakening”
  8. “A Fragile Existence”
  9. “Exitus”

[via Metal Injection]