NY In 64 streaming new track “The Endless Spiral”

Photo by Kimberly Tam-Rheam

A second track off instrumental rock collective NY In 64‘s upcoming full-length The Gentle Indifference Of The Night has surfaced. Listen to “The Endless Spiral” below courtesy of Metal Injection. Guitarist Chris Alfano said of the track:

‘The Endless Spiral’ followed a pattern common to about half of our songs: The first two thirds assembled themselves pretty effortlessly (after a quick modification where we took the first notey riff and altered it to be more melodic), and then the final third required a couple sessions of re-writing. I think we have two alternate endings archived deep in the rehearsal backup hard drive partition, spinning with the energy of what could have been, but wasn’t. Somewhere, in a parallel universe, we listened to the final mixes of this record and ruminated that, ‘this jam kicks ass, but it’s too bad we couldn’t stick the landing.’ Also, apparently, we call songs ‘jams’ in that alternate universe. Weird.”

The Gentle Indifference Of The Night is set to hit store on vinyl and digital formats May 26th through Magic Bullet Records. Pre-orders are available from the label’s online store and Bandcamp.