Nuclear Holocaust detail debut effort Overkill Commando; stream first single “Abominations Of Annihilation”

Nuclear Holocaust 1

Official press release:

Selfmadegod Records has just issued the first single to Overkill Commando, the debut full-length from Polish grindcore quartet, Nuclear Holocaust, as the album is completed for Summer release.

Nuclear Holocaust, comprised of vocalist Bloodseeker, guitarist XXX-Bomber, drummer Overkiller, and bassist Doomtrigger, recorded twenty brand new songs for their debut album at local Backyard Studios with producer Pawel “Chudy” Chyla in April and May 2016, completing the record just days ago. Overkill Commando is powerful dose of dirty, old fashioned grindcore heavily influenced by classic bands like Terrorizer, Extreme Noise Terror, and Repulsion. The cover image by Marcin Studzinski of St. Chaos Art, the album’s track listing, and release info have been revealed in addition to the streaming of the album’s opening track, “Abominations Of Annihilation”.

Stream Nuclear Holocaust’s “Abominations Of Annihilation” below via Selfmadegod’s YouTube channel.

Overkill Commando will see European release on June 27th, and will see US release on September 9th, the long delay due to a new MVD distribution deal for Selfmadegod Records, this record marking the first title under the new pact. Stand by for further details in the weeks ahead.

Overkill Commando track listing:

1. “Abominations Of Annihilation”
2. “Overkill Commando”
3. “Epicentre Of Terror”
4. “Cryptic Stench Of Radioactive Foetuses”
5. “Power¬Hungry Paranoia”
6. “Religious Mutation”
7. “Deathbringer Of Death”
8. “Toxic Whore”
9. “Mashed With A Club”
10. “Only Cockroaches Will Survive”
11. “Vomiting Blood”
12. “Queen Of Sodomy”
13. “Pulverised”
14. “Nuclear Waste Repository”
15. “Frostbitten By The Radioactive Fullmoon”
16. “Desciples Of The Flesh”
17. “We Are The Batpeople”
18. “Gore Cult”
19. “God Is Undead”
20. “Atomic Suicide”

Nuclear Holocaust 1