Neon Christ share mini-documentary on their history

Official press release:

Neon Christ, the Atlanta hardcore luminaries founded by Alice in Chains singer William DuVall have announced the official release of 1984 for September 17th. This collaboration between Southern Lord Recordings/DVL Recordings was originally released on Record Store Day, now to be made available more widely. Pre-orders for limited black and clear vinyl are available now via Southern Lord, the Southern Lord Europe store and Bandcamp

To mark the occasion, the band have shared an in-conversation video tracing their beginnings right through to their collaboration with Southern Lord conducted with Atlanta journalist Chad Radford. The band comments:

“We gathered at the famed Wuxtry record store in Atlanta to discuss the formation of Neon Christ, the all-analog remastering process for the 1984 album, and much more. It’s a revealing look at the band and an illuminating glimpse into the earliest days of the Atlanta hardcore scene.”

See Neon Christ discuss their new 1984 anthology album, the formation of the band, and the early days of the Atlanta hardcore scene here:

1984 track listing:

  1. “Parental Suppression”
  2. “The Draft Song”
  3. “Winding”
  4. “Bad Influence”
  5. “Neon Christ”
  6. “We Mean Business”
  7. “Yoof”
  8. “It’s Mine”
  9. “Doom”
  10. “After”
  11. “The Knife That Cuts So Deep”
  12. “Ashes To Ashes”
  13. “Blind Patriot”
  14. “The Death They’ll Give You”