Motionless In White release video for new single “LOUD (Fuck It)”, detail new album Graveyard Shift

Motionless In White have premiered their new single “LOUD (Fuck It)”, along with its music video. Frontman Chris Motionless issued the following statement, explaining the meaning behind the new track:

“As the lyrical content of this song is very personal to me, I would like to provide a background and explain what went into the making of the lyrics.

For a few months now I have been speaking in interviews of having written a song that was inspired by my summer of 2016 spent on The Vans Warped Tour participating in a daily event that I had no idea would change my life forever. Every afternoon for over a month I had the privilege of congregating with a new group of people for an open discussion known as a ‘TEI Workshop’. A meeting in which I was allotted 30-45 minutes to speak about whatever I wanted to those present and willing to listen.

Going into these workshops, I was very unsure of what to expect. Though it did take a moment to lift the veil, break the ice, and promote an environment of open minds and hearts, each day was an entirely new experience from the preceding, and once they began, they took on a life of their own.

I never thought stepping into each one of these workshops that I would witness such immense heart, strength, bravery, pain, happiness, kinship and release amongst a group of people who were predominantly strngers prior to these meetings. Together we built a world of our own in which some people who have rarely felt free to express their feelings bared a new level of vulnerability and revealed their most inner personal triumphs and dilemmas. Some shared stories of their journey to overcome the battles of accepting themselves and finding happiness within who they are. Some shared stories of abuse and neglect by family, friends, and romantic relationships. Many shared stories of loneliness, or a desire for more in life but conflicted with how to approach it. There were many stories that took our conversations to a very humorous and uplifting place, and just as many that brought us to a darker and often angry or despairing place. I sat in disbelief over hearing what so many people have gone through and experience every day.

Although so many of these stories were closely relatable to periods of my own life, it was not the moments in which I had personal interaction with some of the speakers about our mutual experiences that were my favorite, but the most favored moments of these meeting for me personally were that for every story that was told… I sat by and watched complete strangers reach out to one another and offer hope, advice, solace, and friendship. In a world where I believe the more connected we become online, the more disconnected we’ve actually become from one another, it was truly life altering to bare witness to that type of power. To FEEL some of the most momentous connections I’ve ever known.

With that being said. “Loud (Fuck It)” isa summation of the many points that were discussed each day, and highlights the general consensus that each one of our groups came to at the end of each meeting. There’s not always a perfect polished answer for all of the issues we fce every day. Sometimes you need to embrace a side of you that wants to be unleashed… even though it may not always be pretty, it’s what’s going to help you fight your way through. Though we all laughed at it’s lack of eloquence, we reveled in the simplistic and powerful meaning we attached to this sentiment…. That if you want to truly be happy with yourself and find the confidence to open the door, step outside and chase your dreams, whatever they may be….. You need to take all the set backs, take all the pain, take all the fear, and look at yourself in the mirror, say FUCK IT, and make the absolut best out of it. What are you waiting for?

Thank you to everyone attended the TEI Workshops this past summer. This song is dedicated to you. Thank you to all of our fans for listening to this new song. Though it is, as you will come to learn, the most different track on the album…. it encapsulates the heart and soul of what MIW‘s message has always been.”

The group have also unveiled the cover art and track listing for their new full-length Graveyard Shift. It has also been confirmed that KoRn vocalist Jonathan Davis will be appearing on the song “Necessary Evil”. Graveyard Shift is due on May 5th through Roadrunner Records, with pre-orders now available at this location.

Graveyard Shift track listing:

1. “Rats”
2. “Queen For Queen”
3. “Necessary Evil”
(feat. Jonathan Davis)
4. “Soft”
5. “Untouchable”
6. “Not My Type: Dead As Fuck 2”
7. “The Ladder”
8. “Voices”
9. “Loud (Fuck It)”
10. “570”
11. “Hourglass”
12. “Eternally Yours”