Official press release:

Monolord, “the towering doom trio that’s torn its way through the international heavy-music circuit over the last several years” (Bandcamp), return with their enthusiastically-awaited fifth album, Your Time To Shine, on Oct. 29 via Relapse Records.

A preview of the 5-song, 39-minute collection, which was recorded by drummer Esben Willems in their newly founded recording space, Studio Beserk, arrives via the soaring, fist-raising album opener, “The Weary”. Guitarist/vocalist Thomas Jäger says:

‘The Weary’ that’s us telling a story to future generations that we are sorry but we fucked it all up.”

Never ones to shy away from sharp social commentary, whether it’s about the global climate crisis, the destructive nature of religion, or the isolation endured during the pandemic, drummer Esben Willems says of the new collection:

“To me, it’s an honest representation of how I feel about the current state of humanity.”

Musically, the album sees the Swedish trio cultivating the elements that take their monstrous, heavy riffing to new heights with a darker edge. A five-track journey that spans across crushing doom rock to more spacey, groove laden opuses, Your Time to Shine is Monolord at their most unfiltered and focused.

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Your Time to Shine track listing:

  1. “The Weary”
  2. “To Each Their Own”
  3. “I’ll Be Damned”
  4. “Your Time To Shine”
  5. “The Siren Of Yersinia”
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