Post-rock/doom quartet Loviatar have released the final segment of their three part Stygian Wyrm opus, titled “Ascendant” – full title “Ascendant (Stygian Wyrm Part III)”. The group said in a collective statement:

‘Ascendant’ is the careening conclusion to the Stygian Wyrm trilogy, side A of Loviatar‘s self-titled debut LP. Thousands of years of rule cannot erase the remorse of the most intense personal failures. Set to the backdrop of thousands of years of a dystopian nightmare, the regrets of a being as old as time, corrupted by human weakness, lead him to the ultimate sacrifice.”

The song is the latest to stream off the group’s upcoming self-titled debut, which is due on July 28th through Prosthetic Records. Pre-orders are now available at this location.