Kvltist 2

Official press release:

With timeless devotion to the Satanic arts, W.T.C. Productions raises a new chalice from which many will soon find sustenance: Kvltist’s debut album, Catechesis, set for international release on December 3rd. Hailing from Germany, which has a deep-seated history of black metal, Kvltist create coruscating hymns of obsidian strength and boundless occult energy. Across Catechesis, the duo weave ‘n’ wend the listener down myriad corridors, be they spiritual, mental, physical, or otherwise; their potency is writ large across the surging, heavy mass of gnarled (and gnarling) frequencies. Orthodox black metal Catechesis may be, but Kvltist are sonic alchemists, tempering their enrapturing potions with startling dynamics, high drama, and haunting melody like true adepts despite their novice years as a band. The song titles themselves – from “The Devil’s Catechumen” and “Darkest Light From Glaring Shadows” to “Eucharisty of Death Divine” and “Oblation” – evince the same timeless devotion to the Satanic arts on which W.T.C. has made its formidable name, and with Catechesis as the latest acrid sacrament to offer a starving congregation, Kvltist are set to lead the flock to liberation and illumination.

Catechesis track listing:

1. “The Devil’s Catechumen”
2. “Devotion”
3. “Darkest Light From Glaring Shadows”
4. “Eucharisty Of Death Divine”
5. “Oblation”
6. “Doxologia Eosphoros”
7. “Ite Ad Ignis”

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