Official press release:

True minstrels of the post-rock genre have become few and far between as of late. Klone, hailing from the picturesque city of Poitiers, France, successfully satisfies that void by combining a myriad of influences from six talented members into one cohesive and satisfying progressive stew with mature, otherworldly rock overtones.

When a fan of progressive music hears the word “France”, their heads perk with mental images of groups such as Gojira, Uneven Structure and Hacride. Now another can be added (to the top) of that list, but this time, think more along the lines of Steven Wilson, Anathema or even Opeth. On the cusp of releasing their sixth album Here Comes The Sun on April 27th via Klonosphere/Pelagic Records – 2015 is the breakout year for Klone. Check out an album teaser above.

Guitarist Guillaume Bernard states:

“We really worked hard on this album – it was a real challenge for us to not repeat what we did on our previous albums. This new album is emotionally intense and this music was written to touch the people in their hearts – a sort of ‘call to meditation’.”

Klone’s Here Comes The Sun is self-produced by the band in conjunction with longtime co-producer Francis Caste and sees the band evolve from their heavy metal roots to a more ethereal post-rock sound, without losing one bit of intensity. Driven by heavy riffing as much as by delay-soaked guitar-reverie and careful vocal melodies, melancholia defines the band’s sound while leaving room for a much broader emotional spectrum.

When you take a closer look at Klone’s discography (below), their progress appears like a logical evolution: each album is unique, and each one has served to make the follow-up less predictable. After releasing the sublime The Dreamer’s Hideaway in 2012 with more progressive outlines, the current incarnation of Klone offers a new journey, more captivating and meditative than ever. With Here Comes The Sun, Klone gives each melody time to unfold, leading the listener to a peculiar universe where the sun is the central theme. Here Comes The Sun gives a whole new dimension to what Klone have offered before.

Klone features central masterminds Yann Ligner (vocals) and Guillaume Bernard (guitars), with musical reinforcement from guitarist Aldrick Guadagnino, bassist Jean Etienne Maillard, saxophonist Matthieu Metzger and drummer Florent Marcadet (also of recognized French progressive metal group Hacride).

You can pre-order Here Comes The Sun here.

Here Comes The Sun track listing:

1. “Immersion”
2. “Fog”
3. “Gone Up In Flames”
4. “The Drifter”
5. “Nebulous”
6. “Gleaming”
7. “Grim Dance”
8. “Come Undone”
9. “The Last Experience”
10. “Summertime” (cover – CD version only)