Kingcrow stream new single “Night’s Descending” feat. Daniel Gildenlow from Pain Of Salvation

Band: Kingcrow
Song: “Night’s Descending” feat. Daniel Gildenlow (Pain Of Salvation)
Album: The Persistence
Release Date: September 7th, 2018
Label: Sensory Records

Guitarist/vocalist Diego Cafolla states of the song:

‘Night’s Descending’ holds a special place in my heart for personal reasons and I love the sense of drama that permeates the song. As soon as I wrote the vocal melody I thought that it sounded perfect for the voice of Daniel Gildenlow from Pain Of Salvation. I talked with our singer Diego Marchesi about the idea and when he heard the song he totally agreed with me, so I contacted Daniel telling him I wrote a song that I thought it was perfect for his singing. Luckily Daniel liked the song quite a bit and told me he was going to making it. When we heard Daniel singing on ‘Night’s Descending’ for the first time I was impressed by his incredibly emotional performance and I thought we definitely made right choice.”


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