Photo by: Scott Kinkade

Death metal vets Incantation have released a 360° video for their new single “Rites Of The Locust”. Vocalist/guitarist John McEntree stated:

“With the advent of 360-video visualizer technology, we were able to convey the song’s powerful imagery alongside the intensity of the music. This song is an example of one of the more aggressive songs on the album. We feel it’s the perfect representation of death metal and everything an Incantation fan wants. Rage motherfuckers!”

The song is the first single off their upcoming tenth studio record Profane Nexus, in stores August 11th via Relapse Records. Physical and digital pre-orders are now available and can be picked up here.

Profane Nexus track listing:

1. “Muse”
2. “Rites Of The Locust”
3. “Visceral Hexahedron”
4. “The Horns Of Gefrin”
5. “Incorporeal Despair”
6. “Xipe Totec”
7. “Lus Sepulcri”
8. “Stormgate Convulsions From The Thunderous Shores Of Infernal Realms Beyond The Grace Of God”
9. “Messiah Nostrum”
10. “Omens To The Altar Of Onyx”
11. “Ancients Arise”