IIVII release video “Hidden Inside”

IIVII have a new video out for new single “Hidden Inside”. Mastermind Josh Graham said of the song:

“The start of this song emulates the feeling I had in a reoccurring childhood nightmare…the bottom of (maybe) a giant well, something hiding in the dark, totally unseen, chains, water dripping, fear, and very little vision. The dream never changed, it never evolved, and I never saw what was hiding. I wanted to take that fear and ultimately twist it into a kind of euphoric ending…like a foreign entity beginning to take you over from the inside. Before you can comprehend what is happening, you are now that other thing, and you are happy.”

Sophomore album Invasion is due in stores on June 23rd through Consouling Sounds. Pre-orders are live and available at this location.

[via CVLT Nation]