I Ohms 2

Metalcore/djent outfit I, Ohms have revealed that they will be releasing their debut EP Parallel Connection on February 26th. Drummer Brittany Yarnell said the following of the Steven Miller produced effort:

“Recording the EP was really fun and we’re super excited to be sharing it with everyone! It’s meant to reflect our darkest times and the way we heal; be it a riff that feels empty, a chaotic breakdown, or words that you would tell yourself repeatedly to dig yourself out of a hole. We’re all one way on the surface, but there’s so much more beneath.”

The band’s new single “End: Disclaimer” can be heard below. The track listing and cover art for the EP are also available.

Parallel Connection

1. “Terms and Conditions”
2. “Deep Divide”
3. “Civil War”
4. “Scream Your Heart Out”
5. “End: Disclaimer”

I Ohms 1