HELLYEAH have released a music video for the track “Hush” off their latest record Blood For Blood (Eleven Seven). Frontman Chad Gray said of the song:

“The essence of the song is that there’s something very empowering about the realization and recognition of where you are in life. Even in the darkest of times.

It’s human nature to adapt and overcome or at least find comfort on some level. Isolation is just that. Uncomfortable. But considering the alternative isolation becomes a womb or safe place. I lived that existence and music got me through those dark times. It saved my life. No matter how cold and lonely it felt, there was a voice speaking to me and that voice was music.

When I listened to music, I interpreted the artists’ message however I deemed it applicable to my life and surroundings, which Is why I write lyrics that are open-ended.

I think the mantra of this song is no matter how alone you may feel, you’re not alone. But it’s up to you to speak out and expose your situation. If you let people know and let them in, you’re not alone.”

Catch HELLYEAH all summer on this year’s Mayhem Festival.