Featured Artist: Dash|Ten – self-titled debut out this weekend

Dash Ten 1

Official press release:

Take away all preconceptions and “Listen to the Music”. Sgt. Corrin Campbell, originally from Duluth, MN has been bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “working musician”. As an active-duty U.S. Army Soldier and combat veteran, Sgt. Campbell has been working two careers – one of a Soldier, and one of an independent artist. Finally the two merged and she began touring on behalf of the US Army in 2012, telling her Army story through music. Campbell says:

“It’s amazing to be able to talk about what it means to be an individual with goals and aspirations, but have your character amplified by service as a Soldier. I am unique; I am still me.”

Recently developing a new band, the artist is excited to move forward with Staff Sgts. Peter Greenberg and Steve Ebert. The group now goes by the name Dash|Ten.

“The Army is a place where we can use our musical talents and skill sets to benefit a team – a incredible team of individuals who wear the same uniform and work for the same purpose: the protect the rights and life of the American people as we know it.”

Three tracks by the outfit – titled “What You Wanted”, “The Scene”, and “Where I Stand” – are currently streaming online and can be heard below. The group will be releasing their self-titled debut album this month on May 21st. You can catch the band live this summer on the Vans Warped Tour.