Official press release:

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Eidola has today released their latest release Counterfeit Shrines (via Blue Swan Records). Furthermore, the band has announced their next album The Architect which will be released on Friday, September 17. Speaking on the news, the band shares:

“The solidified partnership between Blue Swan & Rise Records has given Eidola the opportunity to create a release experience that we feel this album deserves. Thank you so much for waiting. Here is ‘Counterfeit Shrines’ off our new album The Architect.”

Watch the music video for “Counterfeit Shrines” below. Pre-save The Architect here and be sure to stay tuned for more Eidola news coming soon.

The Architect track listing:

  1. “Hidden Worship”
  2. “Counterfeit Shrines”
  3. “Caustic Prayer”
  4. “Empty Gardens”
  5. “Occam’s Razor”
  6. “Perennial Philosophy”
  7. “Forgotten Tongues”
  8. “Unequivocal Nature”
  9. “Alchemist Ascendant”
  10. “Elephant Bones”
  11. “Mutual Fear” (ft. Jon Mess)
  12. “Ancient Temperament”