Divides have a new music video out for their new single “Echoes Fade”, which features guest vocals by Defeat The Low’s Chris James. Bassist Joe Jackson says of the track:

” The lyrics for this song were written in pieces since we moved down from Alaska. Transitions anywhere can be hard, but the worst part is being away from the people you love. These lyrics in particular were really therapeutic for me to write, I’m reminded of that every time we play it. I wanted it to be less about the tragedy of absence and loss, and more so about not letting yourself get trapped in the past and the memories that hold you there. Having our friend Chris add vocals to the song really helped convey that message.”

The band’s new full-length Brokentooth will be independently released by the band on August 11th. Pre-orders are available on iTunes.

Brokentooth track listing:

1. “Holes In The Floor”
2. “Supersymmetry”
3. “The Space Between Branches”
4. “Echoes Fade”
5. “Sails & Anchor”
6. “Sirenum Scopuli (Sirens”
7. “Alpenglow”
8. “Splay”
9. “Drag The River”
10. “Vines & Thorns”
11. “We Are Fragments”

Divides 2

Tour dates:

7/18th – Spokane, WA | The Viking Bar
7/29th – Portland, OR | The Analog Cafe
8/05th – Bremerton, WA | The Charleston *
8/06th – Tacoma, WA | The Town *
8/07th – Portland, OR | Vans Warped Tour @ Portland Expo Center
8/08th – Olympia, WA | McCoy’s Tavern *
8/13th – Portland, OR | The Ash Street *
8/14th – Seattle, WA | The Fun House *

* = w/ The Quiet Cull

[via Blunt Magazine]

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