Cradle of Filth frontman Dani Filth’s new project Devilment have signed with Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The debut titled The Great And Secret Show is tentatively due out in the fall. The first single “Mother Kali” can be heard below.

Regarding the signing the vocalist said:

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Nuclear Blast family with my other band, the Witch County fiends Devilment. Our debut album The Great And Secret Show is a horror-metal fuelled slay ride of maleficent proportions and deserves some deep infernal love from a label that has dominated the metal market for aeons.

And we have found that unconditional love at Nuclear Blast.

All of us in the band are really looking forward to the forthcoming months, as the proverbial war machine kicks into gear and the album surfaces like some sub-aquatic monster hellbent on smashing stuff.

Until then keep a cyclopean eye out for regular social media updates, videos and the announcement of live shows to further whet your appetite…”

He elaborated on the concept of the record saying:

“The album is entitled ‘The Great And Secret Show’ and concerns itself with the occult pulse behind the world, a land of imagination that can be slipped into at will. Like a generator buzzing behind everything. The truth behind the Wizards curtain. A phantasmagorical nightscape. A wonderland. A midnight playground. The fertile land of the dead.”

In a previous post it was reported that the band will be touring the UK with Lacuna Coil and Motionless In White.