Demon Hunter streaming new track “Ash”

Band: Demon Hunter
Song: “Ash”
Album: War
Release Date: March 1st, 2019
Label: Solid State Records

Vocalist Ryan Clark said of the song:

‘Ash’ is a no frills, anthemic onslaught, berating our infatuation with fleeting possessions. It’s a reminder to myself as much as anyone else. I collect pretty much everything I couldn’t afford as a kid: skateboards, shoes, artwork, antiques… you name it. And I love this stuff. Still, I know I can’t ‘take it with me’ as they say.

In classic Demon Hunter fashion, we wanted to ensure that War had at least one faster thrash number in the vein of ‘Storm The Gates Of Hell’, ‘Crucifix’, or ‘The World Is A Thorn’. ‘Ash’ is the resident barn burner track for this album. This was the last song that we’d written for the heavier of these two records, and is the only song written by PatrickJeremiah and myself.”


[via Loudwire]