Clowns issue video for new single “Sarah”

Band: Clowns
Song: “Sarah”
Director: Nick Manuell
Album: Does It Matter?/Sarah 7″
Release Date: November 19th, 2021
Label: Fat Wreck Chords

Frontman Stevie Williams said of the track:

“Sarah – I’ve never met a Sarah that I haven’t liked. It’s a great name that seems to breed excellent qualities in people. That being said, the Sarah we are referring to metaphorically in this song is the hormone serotonin, and oh boy, is our Facebook relationship status ‘it’s complicated.’

Our new song ‘Sarah’ explores the idea of how love can be like a drug. Dizzying highs and soul-destroying lows. It can elevate your life to heights you never knew were possible but can at the same time be life-crushingly addictive. We all love Sarah, don’t we? But what happens when she goes away? Why does she go away so often? How come we are so smitten in her presence and yet so surprised when she leaves, especially after a lifelong history of this ambivalent behaviour? It’s love and lackluster for all of us with love and Sarah.

We recorded this song at Red Door Studio with producer Woody Annison (The Living End) and co-wrote the tune with Matt Squire (One Direction, Panic! At The Disco).”