Bode Preto to release sophomore full-length Mystic Massacre through Iron Tyrant

Bode Preto 1

Official press release:

Today, Iron Tyrant sets January 7th, 2016 as the international release date for Bode Preto’s highly anticipated second album, Mystic Massacre. Founded in Brazil back in 2009, Bode Preto – which translates to “Black Goat” in Portuguese – released the Dark Night EP the following year, and the classic Inverted Blood debut album in 2012. The total strength of this bestial horde resides in their adherence to the standards that made Brazilian death/black metal such a savage and uncontrollable entity in the 1980s, whereas many contemporary Brazilian black/death metal bands just cannot even manage to get near the greatness of the days of yore, when ungodly acts were shocking the planet with uncompromising bestial metal filled with despair and aggression. It is not by chance that members of Sarcófago, Holocausto, and Impurity have joined the ranks of Bode Preto at one time or another.

Now arrives Bode Preto’s second full-length, fittingly titled Mystic Massacre, which was completed between Brazil and Hellfire Studios in the UK, where the album has been mixed and mastered. This beast of an album will be released on CD and later on limited vinyl, as well as ultra-limited picture-disc LP. An EP will also be released featuring the vocal talents of Goat (ex-VON/SIXX/VON GOAT), with those tracks being exclusive to this limited vinyl for the moment.

Mystic Massacre track listing:

1. “Intro”
2. “Deep Reality”
3. “Dark Obsession”
4. “Maze of Mirrors”
5. “Mystic Massacre”
6. “Dirty Honey”
7. “Absurds of Violence”
8. “Unknown Woman”
9. “Wraith / The Stage and the Meadow”
10. “Seizures of Fear”
11. “Parade”
12. “Feet of Clay”
13. “Lethargy”
14. “Outro”

Bode Preto 2