Dream State release video for “New Waves”

Band: Dream State
Song: “New Waves”
Album: Recovery EP
Release Date: May 18th, 2018
Label: UNFD

Frontwoman CJ Gilpin comments on the track and video:

“I wanted to show our fans, as I know a lot of them are going through their own troubles, that they have it in them to push through it. Sometimes we have to face our battles alone, but there is always going to be that inner voice that tells you that you’ve got this and that is the one you need to be listening to. We had so many amazing quotes sent through that any weak moment I had during the filming process, I had all these amazing, positive quotes surrounding me that brought a tear to my eye and it helped me perform better than I ever have. I hope our listeners can take from this and see that they have that strength in them too. They are surrounded by people just like them and they are not alone with it. Practice positive thinking.”


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  • Recovery EP track listing:

    1. “White Lies”
    2. “In This Hell”
    3. “Help Myself”
    4. “Solace”
    5. “New Waves”