Witchery issue lyric video for “Storm of the Unborn”

Band: Witchery
Song: “Storm of the Unborn”
Director: Cloud Music Typography
Album: Nightside
Release Date: July 22nd, 2022
Label: Century Media Records

Speaking on the album’s release and lyric video, guitarist Jensen offered:

“The day of the Nightside album release is upon us, and along with it we have a lyrical video chosen to show the diversity of the album. ‘Storm of the Unborn’ is a slower, more atmospheric track compared to the two previously released videos from the album. It also comes with more atmosphere-setting sound fx, something I grew to love from listening to other great concept albums (perhaps best exemplified by Queensryche’s Operation: Mindcrime). So, get a glass of your favorite beverage, find some shade from the current sun-on-steroids (at least here in northern Europe at the moment!) and enjoy this our first endeavor of creating a concept album of our own,”


Nightside track listing:

  1. “Witching Hour”
  2. “Don’t Burn the Witch”
  3. “Storm of the Unborn”
  4. “Er steht in Flammen”
  5. “Popecrusher”
  6. “Left Hand March”
  7. “Under the Altar”
  8. “Churchburner”
  9. “Crucifix and Candle”
  10. “A Forest of Burning Coffins”
  11. “Nightside”